3 Steps to Become a CDR Accredited Provider


As dietitians, we often find ourselves specializing in one area (or more!). If you are looking for a new way to make some money with your specialty, you may want to consider becoming a continuing education accredited provider. While it is not required that all CPEs come from accredited providers, many dietitians like the peace of mind knowing the courses they complete will definitely count.

The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) is responsible for accrediting providers. Once you become an accredited provider (apply, are approved, and pay the fees), any program you create provides education credits (CPEUs).


Step 1

The first step is to apply! View the application HERE. The application is a PDF file that will need to be saved to your computer, and then filled in. The application includes questions about the following:

  • Your business details
  • The CPEs you plan to offer – type of activity, length of programs (number of credits), how many per year
  • A series of open ended questions about how you will apply the CPE Standards. These range from providing your mission statement and conflict of interest policy to how you will determine the learning needs of your audience and how you will collect learning feedback.

Overall, the questions asked are questions you are already contemplating when preparing to become a CPE provider. Don’t forget to pay the $250 application fee!

Step 2

Next, sit tight! You should hear back from CDR about approval within 8 weeks.

Step 3

Once approved, a $300 annual maintenance fee will be due. Then you are ready to start offering accredited CPEUs!
** NOTE: Accreditation lasts for 3 years (with $300 due annually). Then you will need to start the process again by applying for re-accreditation.

All of the information on becoming an accredited provider can be found on CDR’s website HERE.

Once you have your continuing education programs ready to go, come back to Dietitian Hub to list them. We’ll help get the word out about what you’re offering!

Originally Published 1/22/2018


  1. Thx for this!

  2. I’m applying for cpeu’s. Can I list my program while I’m waiting?

  3. You certainly can! It’s a good idea to include “pending pre-approval from CDR” in the program description so dietitians know. Then, once approved, update the description. More info is here: https://dietitianhub.com/for-cpe-providers/. Feel free to reach out with more questions!

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