CDR’s New(ish) Professional Development Plan


If you’ve finished your 5 year re-certification cycle with CDR in the last few years, then you’ve already gone through the process to create your new learning plan. If your cycle ends in the next few years, then you may have heard rumblings of the new Goal Wizard and Performance Indicators which take the place of the familiar Learning Need Codes. I recently started a new cycle and wanted to share with you the process of creating a new learning plan.

Honestly, I had been putting this off for some time because I thought it would take a lot longer. Overall, the process took about 45-50 minutes. This did include several interruptions from my sweet children and husband. If I was really focused, I think it could’ve been done in about 30 minutes. I felt a bit of intimidation going in knowing there were over 350 performance indicators to work with. Though the process to create a new learning plan was easy with the Goal Wizard, the new lingo will take a while to get used to.

In addition to Performance Indicators replacing Learning Need Codes, you’ll find that there are no more personally written out goals. In my opinion, this saves time. The Goal Wizard walks you through picking the relevant Performance Indicators and those become your Learning Plan Goals.

Here is a quick summary of the steps I went through to create my learning plan:

  • First a list of straight-forward questions are asked to review my current practice and intended areas of practice. This is done to create a Practice Competency Profile. The Practice Competency Profile is list of the Goal Wizard’s suggested Competencies. Competencies are the umbrellas over each group of Performance Indicators.
  • The next step gave me the opportunity to add any additional Competencies to my profile that were not suggested by the Goal Wizard. This completes my Practice Competency Profile.
  • Then, I select from the list of Competencies in my Practice Competency Profile the areas that I want to add to as Learning Plan Goals. The only requirement here is at least one must be from the Ethics Sphere of Competencies.
  • The next step shows you all the Performance Indicators under each Competency. You can select as many as you want. At least one Performance Indicator is required for each Competency selected. However, you have the option to delete any Competencies you do not want to carry over into your learning plan.
  • The last step is to review the list of selected Goals/Performance Indicators and submit it for review. You do have a last chance to edit/remove any of the selections.
  • The steps above may sound a bit confusing with all the new terms. The nice thing about the process is that I was led through it step by step. I could save after I was about half way through (which I did) and then come back to it later.

    Only time will tell if this new plan is more effective. I have noticed that many CPE providers include suggestions for both Learning Need Codes and Performance Indicators which will help us all with the transition. My next step will be logging some education to see if I am able to get credit for it all!

    Originally Published 1/15/2018


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