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Get ready to grow your paycheck with the book that has RDNs talking… literally!

Whether you’re an experienced dietitian or just starting out, if public speaking is your ultimate high or your recurring nightmare, A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking: Expert Advice for Pitching, Presenting & Getting Paid is the key to level up your speaking game, get more gigs and make more money.

The beauty of being a dietitian is there’s always something to talk about – interest in nutrition topics is high, continuing education is always in demand, and with technology, you don’t even need an audience. 

But how do you get people to pay for your talks when they can get information online for free – or worse, another dietitian who doesn’t ask to be paid!?

Fabulous dietitian speaker Jessica Setnick faced this exact situation and came out on top, and now she’s written a book to help you do the same. According to her, every dietitian has something to say, and the more of us out there, the better we make the world.

So what will you get?

First, you’ll create your Unique Speaking Platform, to match with all the right events.

Then it’s on to Publicity & Marketing, where she details each piece of collateral material and what it should (and shouldn’t!) contain.

Your next lessons are on Pricing, Pitching & Negotiating Fees, with exact words to say and in what order, including what to say to a lowball offer, how to make money when the budget stinks, and how NOT to leave money on the table.

Then you’ll get to Logistics, Contracts, Planning Your Own Events, Conference Proposals, Presenting on the Road, Preparing Your Content, Planning What to Wear, Presentation Problem-Solving, Performance Anxiety, Presentation Follow-Up, Pursuing Payment, Evaluations… Basically everything you need to get through the entire speaking process from beginning to end with dignity intact and the highest fee possible.

The tips and tools are practical at any stage in your career, including the very beginning when you’re not sure what makes you special.

Whether you’re an experienced presenter or just starting out, if public speaking is your ultimate high or your recurring nightmare, you’ll appreciate the incredible wealth of information, insight and intimate details in A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking.


What your colleagues are saying after reading the Guide:

“I just used your strategies negotiating a speaking arrangement…. and I got it!! You and your book just made a huge difference in my business.”

“A must-have for all dietitians.”

“I just finished a talk exhilarated because I can honestly say it ROCKED. I feel like a genuine “dietitian speaker.” I can’t thank you enough for the book.”

“So much useful information I almost missed my stop on the train.”

“The info on what to say when negotiating is GOLD!” 

“This book is fabulous – it will be easy to market the sh*t out of it!”

A Dietitian's Guide to Professional Speaking

Provider Information

Understanding Nutrition

Jessica Setnick
(214) 503-7100
CDR Accredited

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