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Build on the confidence and sense of mission you felt after Eating Disorder Boot Camp (EDBC).

I’ve handpicked the best speakers for this program – true professionals who generously share their knowledge with committed and passionate people like you.

You’ll take your eating disorders expertise to the next level at Advanced Eating Disorders Boot Camp, where we supercharge your nutrition therapy with the latest treatment techniques and tools from the other disciplines.

You’ll leave with skills that no one else in your community will have, skills that will set you apart not just as an eating disorders specialist, but an eating disorders expert.

Home-Study Course includes: Audio CDs of all four presentations, plus Jessica’s tips on how to apply these new skills to their best advantage in your practice; Advanced Boot Camp Manual – over 100 pages of speaker slides and handouts; 13 Continuing Education Credits (pre-approved for RDs and DTRs); and a 30-minute phone consultation with Jessica to ask follow-up questions about the course.

Presentations includes:

  • Treating the ED Patient With An Endocrine Dysfunction
    Roundtable Leader: Marilyn Cox, MSN, CDE, ADM with 20+ years as an expert in the treatment of pediatric endocrine diagnoses
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – Tools For Treating EDs
    Roundtable Leader: Beau Nelson, MA, LCSW, an expert in rational-emotive behavior therapy and other cognitive-behavioral techniques
  • Eating Disorders And Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder –
    More Alike Than Different

    Roundtable Leader: Dr. Kim Rockwell-Evans, PhD, LPC, LMFT and an expert in treating anxiety disorders
  • Applying Addiction Treatment Therapies To Eating Disorders
    Roundtable Leader: Dr. Mark Bird, PhD, MSW, LMFT and expert in treating drug, alcohol and process addictions


Advanced Eating Disorders Boot Camp: Special Forces Training Home-Study CourseA follow-on to Understanding Nutrition's first Eating Disorder Boot Camp, this home study course offers 13 CEUs for registered dietitians while featuring presentations by a number of renowned experts in the field.Person
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Understanding Nutrition

Jessica Setnick
(214) 503-7100
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