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This course contains a wealth of science-based and practical advice in an easy to read style – includes a “must have” reference for registered dietitians nutritionists, nutrition and dietetics technicians registered, and other health care professionals.

This course includes one of the most comprehensive, authoritative, and current reference books available on healthy eating. The guide focuses on choice thus providing readers the opportunity to customize their own plan for healthy eating and includes updated information on the role food and healthy eating habits have in preventing and managing today’s health concerns.

Timely information on the leading health concerns such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies and foodborne illness are included. This resource covers healthy eating plans, today’s market place from farm to table, healthy eating advice for every age and stage of life, and advice for common food-related health issues.

Course Objectives

After completing this continuing professional education course, the learner should be able to:

  1. Identify at least 5 specific key points that help clarify how the Dietary Guidelines for Americans help shape healthy eating patterns.
  2. Understand the connection between diet, exercise and wellness by identifying the number of calories needed based on physical activity level.
  3. Identify the 4 basic rules for food safety.
  4. Recognize at least 3 product-dating, labeling, grading and/or health claim guidelines.
  5. Name at least 3 foods that can increase nutrient density in the diet.
  6. Describe 3 practices that can help prevent food borne illness.
  7. Pinpoint 4 correct statements about dietary supplements, including their relationship to chronic illness, use of probiotics, calcium, iron, and labeling.
  8. Recognize 2 nutrition recommendations for each of these stages of life: pregnancy, infancy, childhood, adulthood and older adulthood.
  9. Isolate at least 2 nutrition recommendations to help in the treatment of hypertension.
  10. Determine at least 2 nutrition recommendations to help prevent cardiovascular disease.
  11. Identify at least 2 nutrition recommendations to help clients/patients with weight management.


Complete Food and Nutrition Guide, 5th Edition-Person
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