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Performance Indicators

1.3.3 Builds rapport and trust within the relationship while respecting boundaries.
12.1.1 Promotes nutrition programs and resources to address issues of food security, nutritional health and overall health and wellness.
12.2.1 Identifies determinants of health and their influence on population health status.
12.3.6 Prioritizes goals and objectives based on level of importance and the ability to change the health problem.
12.3.7 Documents social and epidemiological findings and the availability, accessibility, timetable, budget implications and allocation of the programs’ priority goals and objectives.
12.4.5 Provides nutrition information and education to the community.
2.1.1 Assesses the communication needs of the individual, customer or population.
2.1.5 Observes nonverbal cues and responds appropriately.
2.1.7 Delivers information and opinions in a respectful and professional manner.
3.2.2 Participates in professional and personal development activities for career growth and skill enhancement.
3.3.1 Educates the customer on the availability of nutrition services.
4.1.1 Demonstrates effective problem solving and professional judgment to address a need.
6.3.11 Applies research/evidence-based findings to improve practice, service delivery and health and nutrition of customers.
8.1.2 Applies knowledge of food and nutrition as well as the biological, physical and social sciences in practice.
8.2.1 Assesses the physical, social and cultural needs of the individual, group, community or population.
8.2.3 Implements individualized services to reflect customer-centered approach as it pertains to the customer’s physical, social, cultural, institutional and economic environment.
8.3.3 Takes action to address deficiencies to enhance practice.
8.3.5 Keeps abreast of changes in practice and within practice environments that affect scope of practice.
8.3.6 Keeps abreast of current nutrition and dietetics knowledge and trends.
8.3.7 Integrates new knowledge and skills into practice.


Brand new! Focus on wellness and healthy habits with your diabetes clients while building strong counseling skills. This truly unique book belongs in every RD’s and CDE’s counseling library. Megrette’s creative genius shines through in every aspect of this book, from the clarity of the language, to the humor of the examples, to the extensive counseling dialogue and just-right activities you can start using with your diabetes clients tomorrow! This groundbreaking book, which uses Motivational Interviewing as its counseling foundation, embraces the newest research in diabetes and obesity: change happens when we release the client and ourselves from numbers on a scale and ‘you must do’s. Features over 20 innovative weight-neutral diabetes-oriented activities to use with clients–with handouts, specific counseling dialogue, tips and more included!

Provider Information

Skelly Skills

Sheila Kelly, MS, RDN
CDR Accredited

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