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By popular demand Carolyn returns to offer part 2 of a course where she gives a presentation to colleagues that focuses on “How” to help clients get better rather than “Why” they got sick. In a lively and humorous way, Carolyn continues as she did in part 1, to share specific ‘How” strategies for behavior change. Carolyn uses information from her book, “8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder” along with case examples and takes questions from treatment providers in the audience. Carolyn discusses and demonstrates techniques for clinicians, whether: therapists, dietitians, doctors or coaches the can easily be taken back and used in their work with eating disorder clients. The video of Carolyn’s workshop is supplemented by written material in this course.

Course Objectives:
Participants will be able to:
1. Explain the concept of an advanced meal session
2. Describe one strategy for contacting the eating disorder self
3. List one assignment to use with their eating disorder clients
4. List one strategy to strengthen the client’s healthy self

Provider Information

Community Counseling for Individuals and Families, Inc.

Carolyn Costin, MA, MEd, MFT
(310) 457-6890
CDR Accredited

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