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Excellent resource! Leading FODMAP expert, Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD teaches health professionals how to treat IBS through diet instead of medications. Help patients discover dietary triggers to build a healthy diet. This book contains the FODMAP Elimination Diet, including lists of low- and high-FODMAP foods, and some recipes to help IBS sufferers live better! The author answers over 100 questions that clients commonly ask. Wonderful resource for counselors. People with IBS often feel they are the only ones who feel miserable while eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, and yogurt. IBS affects up to 15% of teens and adults. If you could get your groove back in just a few weeks by trying a new kind of diet, would you do it? This new edition has the latest on how foods can cause IBS symptoms. The new edition includes over 50 pages of new material: updates based on the latest research; more on coping with FODMAP intolerance and how to enjoy your favorite foods again.
** Note: Several options are available for this product. Prices vary from $101 to $145 depending on number of credits (10 or 20) desired and testing format. **

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion, the users will be able to:

1. Discuss four problems/symptoms associated with chronic irritable bowel syndrome.

2. Define FODMAP and explain how fermentation can cause IBS issues.

3. List ways to repopulate a person’s gastrointestinal tract with healthy microbes.

4. Give more accurate, individualized nutritional care to clients on how to improve their diets, improve nutrient absorption, and control IBS symptoms.

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Kathy King
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