How To Start a Private Practice Without Knowing Anything About Business

Identify the 3 massive mistakes that keep RDs worried and frustrated about making enough money. Identify the tools and services for effective practice management. Demonstrate knowledge of the significance for knowing who your ideal client. Identify the advantages of having all-in-one practice management system vs. separate daily operational systems. Identify and evaluate self-limiting beliefs which may inhibit RDs from moving forward.


Smart Billing Bootcamp takes you from pre-application steps, through applying to become a provider with insurance companies and even shows you how to bill and correct a claim. All while providing dietitians with 12 CPEUs.

The African Heritage Diet

THE AFRICAN HERITAGE DIET: AN INNOVATIVE TOOL FOR COMBATING DIABETES, OBESITY, AND OTHER DIET-RELATED CHRONIC DISEASES Oldways created the African Heritage Diet Pyramid in 2011 to inspire better health through heritage. This course o?ers an in-depth overview of the...