Amy Sowards is a Registered Dietitian and the owner of Dietitian Institute. She has over 16 years working with clients. She began using the mindful and intuitive eating approaches after seeing clients struggle to balance their wellness goals with their hectic schedules.

Amy is also a coach and mentor to Registered Dietitians with 10 years experience in the entrepreneurial realm (virtual counseling with 1:1 and group clients and B2B consulting). She provides skill trainings and workshops for Dietitians who want to find success and happiness on their career or entrepreneurial journey.

Gisela Bouvier is a Registered Dietitian and the owner of Mindfully Intuitive Nutrition. She is an English and Spanish speaking with nearly 10 years experience. She offers Small Group Nutrition Counseling and Corporate Wellness Programs to help clients and employees create a positive relationship with food through Mindful and Intuitive Eating.

Gisela’s passion is to keep diets and nutrition confusion out of life and nourishment back in. Her approach is to help clients find the tools that will lead you to a sustainable lifestyle, with a focus on mindfulness and their natural intuition. 


Amy Sowards MS, RDN
CDR Accredited

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