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Helm Publishing was begun in 1991 by Kathy King, RD, to fill a niche in outpatient and complementary nutrition continuing education courses and books. Our selections are chosen to expose health practitioners to new research and perspectives in hopes the experience will improve our practice and benefit the health of our public.

The Helm Publishing office, customer service, and IT are managed by two lovely ladies, Mona and Michelle.  Savannah Helm was raised in this business and handles marketing, copy editing, new product selection, and she helps with product development. Savannah and Dollie Parsons are copy editors and initial book reviewers. Dr. Larry Gilbert is our educational curriculum consultant. Kathy King, RD writes tests, edits and publishes book manuscripts, and manages the business.

Kathy King’s Bio

Ms. King has been an entrepreneurial nutritionist since 1972 when she quit her traditional hospital job to start a private practice in Denver, Colorado specializing in weight loss, sports nutrition, and health promotion. She was a counselor to over 6,000 patients, as well as to the Greenhouse Spa, the Denver Broncos Football team, and numerous food companies as a media spokesperson. As a popular speaker, she has given over 800 presentations and 620 media interviews as the Denver NBC TV “NoonDay Nutritionist,” host of her own nationally syndicated nutrition radio talk show. She has been an international speaker in Israel, Germany, South Africa, Australia, and Asia, and a guest on ABC-TV’s “Nightline,” and NBC’s “Connie Chung’s 1986” show.

Kathy is the publisher, author or editor of 23 books and over 90 courses, including The Entrepreneurial Nutritionist, Nutrition Therapy, The Competitive Edge, Handbook of Pediatric Nutrition, Moving Away From Diets, Common Threads of Teenage Grief, and Obtaining Order Writing Privileges.

Kathy is past President of the Colorado Dietetic Association, former ADA Chair of the Council on Practice, and past member of the Board of Directors and House of Delegates of the American Dietetic Association. In 2009, she was honored as Citizen of the Year by the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce.

Kathy King

“We strive to offer cutting edge nutrition, health, herbal, and alternative medicine books and self study courses designed to challenge today’s practice and paradigms.”


Kathy King
CDR Accredited

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