Laura Schoenfeld, a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s degree in Public Health, is an esteemed business coach who specializes in helping health and nutrition entrepreneurs create scalable online businesses. Her passion for integrative nutrition and women’s health, combined with her entrepreneurial acumen, has enabled her to run her own multi-six-figure consulting business successfully for over a decade.

Since 2019, she has been leveraging her extensive experience and knowledge to mentor other business owners. She takes great pride in her diverse client list of over 300 virtual wellness entrepreneurs, whom she has supported in launching, growing, and scaling their own successful online businesses, primarily through her flagship program, The Nutrition Business Accelerator®.

Laura’s approach stands out due to her commitment to assisting entrepreneurs in creating and managing sustainable, scalable signature programs. Her methodology, especially for creating high-ticket group programs, promotes not only financial abundance and operational efficiency in her clients’ online businesses but also supports their personal well-being while amplifying the impact on their clients’ health. Laura advocates a balanced business strategy that encompasses the entrepreneur as a whole, not just their financial performance. Through her teaching, coaching, and mentoring, she empowers her clients to step into the CEO role and create an online business that nourishes their offline life.

She has contributed to Today’s Dietitian Magazine, Prevention Magazine, Reader’s Digest, MindBodyGreen, and Experience Life Magazine. She has been featured as a guest on The Mind Your Business PodcastFitBizU, The Faith Forward Online Business Podcast, Next Level Nutrition Biz Podcast, Build A Better Wellness Biz Podcast, The Bottom Line by Evolved Finance Podcast, and many more.

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