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9020 Evaluation and Application of Research

Self-Study On Demand

GMO Myths and Truths

We have all heard what the GM companies have told us about environmental and food safety using GMOs, now read the evidence-based research collected by top researchers with decades of experience in the GMO field. Have GM foods been strictly tested and r (…there’s more…)

CPEUs: 17
Fees: $135

Self-Study On Demand

Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fats – and Health From Biochemistry to Practice

LCHF (Low Carbohydrate Healthy Fat) is proving to be popular for many athletes and people with insulin insufficiency, or those just wanting to make a lifestyle change. Expert Dietitian Dr. Caryn Zinn presents the biochemistry and physiological principl (…there’s more…)

CPEUs: 1.5
Fees: $29