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It’s International Mediterranean Diet Month! I personally love the Mediterranean Diet and try to cook its delicious recipes when I can. What’s not to love about using simple ingredients and lots of herbs and spices? While it’s a joy to eat the Mediterranean way, it’s also great to have clinical knowledge about the benefits and applications in practice. Sharing information on this mainstream diet is one way to encourage health and help prevent disease. It’s called a diet, but focuses on all the lovely things to eat instead of cutting out whole food groups like so many fad diets out there. So in honor of International Mediterranean Diet Month, why not complete some Mediterranean Diet continuing education credits? Here are several CPE program options. Enjoy!

Mediterranean Diet Pattern and Health | Conagra Nutrition

1 CPEU | FREE This is a self-study program. You’ll watch a webinar and complete a quiz to receive the credit. Description: “This webinar identifies dietary recommendations to help your clients incorporate key principles of the Mediterranean Diet into their diets, helps you understand how dietary patterns are derived and characterized for use in research, describes the history of the Mediterranean Diet both in its native context and how it is applied in the U.S. population, and provides a summary of key research relating the Mediterranean Diet to health outcomes.”

Mediterranean Diet and Prevention of Chronic Diseases | CE Connection

1.5 CPEUs | $17.95 Provides “an overview the nutritional basis of the Mediterranean diet (MD), its metabolic benefits, and its role in disease prevention and healthy aging”. Note: CE Connection is credentialed by ANCC a CDR-approved organization

The Mediterranean Diet | Today's Dietitian

2 CPEUs | $24 This program covers the components of the Mediterranean diet, how it differs from a Western diet, the types of patients who could benefit from the Mediterranean diet, and incorporating the diet’s principles into MNT.

Longevity & Diet | CE International

2 CPEU | $30 Covers several diets and lifestyles for longevity including the “Mediterranean diet, Alkaline diet, Japanese diet, Vegetarian diet, CR (calorie restriction) science, and Blue Zones”.

The Alzheimer's Prevention Food Guide | Becky Dorner

7 CPEUs (plus 1.5 additional free CPEUs) | $79.95 Discusses diet and brain health and looks as “evidenced-based research supporting Mediterranean and MIND diets and their role in brain health”.

Mediterranean Diet Roundtable | MDR Project

8 CPEUs | $350 Yale University New Haven, CT June 25th-26th, 2018 This in-person conference brings together several different professions to learn about the Mediterranean lifestyle and way of eating.

And if you’re interested in trying out some Mediterranean recipes, I highly recommend The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen. Take a look and purchase the book here.

Originally Published 5/11/2018


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