Pre-approved and accredited CPEs? Or not?


I often get the question, “Does a CPE need to be preapproved or from a CDR accredited provider?”. I think the majority of dietitians assume preapproval or accreditation is required. So, should we only be logging CPEUs from accredited providers or those that are preapproved?

The short is answer is no.

But there’s more to the story!

If the program is a self-study or on-demand program, it must be in one of these categories:

  1. pre-approved by CDR,
  2. delivered by a CDR accredited provider,
  3. offered by a “partner” organization. Partner organizations include:

If the program is a live, in person event, or a “live”, virtual (on-line) event, then the preapproval and accredited standards do not apply. However, the “live” event must be dietetics-related and directed towards education of professionals (i.e. not the general public).

So there you have it… if you’re watching a recording or doing a self-study program, you must be very careful with approval. If it is a live event, you’ve got a bit of leeway!

For full details, you are strongly encouraged to review CDR’s PDP Guide before submitting non-accredited or pre-approved programs for your Professional Development Portfolio.

Originally Published 2/2/2018


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