What are FODMAPs?


Everyone is talking about FODMAPs! I see it all over twitter. I’ve seen it in magazines. I hear dietitians talking about the success they’ve seen their patients experience with the Low FODMAP Diet. But I’ve also heard non-RD colleagues and acquaintances mention it too.

But, what are FODMAPs?

According to Monash University, FODMAPs are short-chained carbs that don’t play nice in the gut. When they aren’t absorbed in the intestine, they cause symptoms in patients with IBS. Each letter of FODMAP stands for a different type of trouble-making carbohydrate:

  • F = Fermentable
  • O = Oligosaccharides
  • D = Disaccharides
  • M = Monosaccharides
  • A = And (not a carb!)
  • P = Polyols.

For someone with IBS, following a diet low in FODMAPs can reduce symptoms. It is not meant to be a “forever” diet. After a period of time, each FODMAP group is individually introduced. This way, the person with IBS can isolated the specific FODMAP group (or groups) that cause their own symptoms.

Note: If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re a dietitian. If not, be sure to seek out a qualified Low FODMAP Diet dietitian if you’d like to see if the diet works for you.

With the evidence supporting the Low FODMAP Diet’s effectiveness as reducing symptoms of IBS, why not learn some more about the diet? Oh, and while you’re learning you can earn CPEUs! These are all self-study continuing education (CEU or CPE) options for dietitians so you can learn on your time and at your own pace.

The Low FODMAP Diet for IBS | Monash University

25 CPEUs | $650

Summary from Monash University: “Specialise in the dietary management of IBS using a low FODMAP diet. Are you a dietitian or health professional looking to specialise in the dietary management of IBS? Our expert team has developed an online training course – The Low FODMAP Diet for IBS, with a focus on how to safely and effectively implement a low FODMAP diet in clinical practice.”

Though this is on the expensive side, remember, Monash University is the creator of the diet. Learning from the experts can’t be beat!

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook | Helm Publishing

10-20 CPEUs | $111-$145

Summary from Helm Publishing: “Leading FODMAP expert, Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD teaches health professionals how to treat IBS through diet instead of medications. Help patients discover dietary triggers to build a healthy diet.”

You read the book, then take a test for your choice of either 10 or 20 CPEUs. The bonus here is that you also get some recipes!

The Low-FODMAP Diet: From Research to Implementation | Today's Dietitian

2 CPEUs | $24

Summary from Today’s Dietitian: “This continuing education course describes the low-FODMAP diet, the research supporting its use, its risks and benefits, and how to implement it in clinical practice.”

FODMAPs for Kids | Abbott Institute


This is a a quick and painless way to earn a free continuing ed credit while getting an over of the Low FODMAP Diet in pediatrics.

Do you want to be caught off guard the next time you’re asked about the Low FODMAP Diet? Or do you want to have a little knowledge under your belt? I thought so! So go ahead and get started!

Originally Published 2/17/2018


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