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Free Dietitian CEUs 101

by Sandy Pagán, RDN, LD Who And What Are Free CEUs Good For? Who doesn’t love free? We all seem to appreciate a good deal. For example, we all need an ethics credit, so these ideas on free ethics CEUs help everyone out. Most likely, your learning plan …

CPEUs for Reading Research

Here’s a way to get some CPE credits for something you’re already doing – reading peer-reviewed evidence-based research articles.

Free Ethics CPEs

Need and ethics credit for your recertification cycle? We’ve got you covered! Here we highlight 7 FREE ethics continuing professional education (CPE) credits for registered dietitian nutritionists (RDs, RDNs).

Your Inexpensive Intro to Sports Nutrition

Highlighting 4.5 free continuing professional education (CPE) credits for registered dietitian nutritionists (RDs, RDNs).

CPE Roundups

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Which DPGs Offer Continuing Education?

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ Dietetic Practice Groups (DPGs) are a great way to get specialized continuing education. Here’s a look into what each DPG offers its registered dietitian members.

Pre-approved and accredited CPEs? Or not?

Did you know not all CPEUs for dietitians need to be pre-approved by CDR or come from CDR accredited providers?

3 Steps to Become a CDR Accredited Provider

As dietitians, we often find ourselves specializing in one area (or more!). If you are looking for a new way to make some money with your specialty, you may want to consider becoming an accredited provider of continuing education.

CDR’s New(ish) Professional Development Plan

An overview and step by step review of using CDRs Goal Wizard to create a new Professional Development Plan for your next dietitian re-certification cycle.

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